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2020 Percussion Auditions
2020 Drumline Audition Process             Allen Battery Exercises          

Today also starts our summer video assignments. Remember these are MANDATORY if you are interested in snare, quad, or bass drum. Front ensemble video assignments will start next week, and although they are not required, they are highly encouraged, plus you will get free feedback to help your playing.


Here are a couple bullet points:

  • Videos will be due every Saturday night at midnight.
  • We will be utilizing Google Classroom as our hub to keep up with summer video assignments.
  • Our class code is: wmcdrg6
  • Go to then click the plus sign and select “join a class”. Then put in the class code.
  • You must submit the video assignments for EACH instrument you plan to audition on.
  • On July 4th emails will be sent out informing you if you received an invitation to the live audition on July 18th
  • I will only accept videos that are submitted through Google Classroom (Do NOT email me your video or send me YouTube links. I will NOT watch your videos if you do this)
  • If you are confused or have trouble accessing Google Classroom please reach out to me. Do not just sit and do nothing. There will be NO makeups for this. This IS your audition.
  • No spot is guaranteed. Even if you are a 4th year player on your instrument, you must EARN your spot.
  • Please submit your BEST work. Your recordings should not be your “first take”. You should practice multiple hours throughout the course of the week. Watch your videos before submitting. If there’s something you don’t like or think you could do better, DO IT AGAIN!
  • If you are doing a take for each exercise, please edit together your videos into ONE video submission. Alternatively, you can record all your exercises at once, but chances are you will not get your BEST take of each exercise this way.

I will provide more details on video assignments inside Google Classroom.

Front ensemble assignments will not require a keyboard.
Quad assignments can be played one a single pad.
Bass assignments will be played on a snare pad.
Audition music for cymbals, rack, and synthesizer will not be released until July 1st.
Please refer to the 2020 Audition Guidelines for all other audition-related questions.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Make sure you read the 2020 Audition Guidelines as well as the entirety of this email before asking me any questions.

Have a great and SAFE summer!

-Mr. Locke