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 *Drawing for Best Buy gift cards will be help for every $10,000 raised.  For every $200 a student receives in donations, their name will be entered!
** Gift cards will be handed to the winner in class.
*** Pizza dinner will be served to the winning section before the 10/20 home game. 
**** Donuts will be served after the 10/20 morning rehearsal if goals are met. 
***** Supporter Shirt: Shirt will be gifted with a donation of $100 or more.  One shirt per a donation of $100 or more.  Donors will be sent a size request form that includes address when fundraiser has ended.  Shirts will be shipped to donors that live out of area, but must live in the country.

Donation Drive!

It takes a lot to run the Largest High School Band in the Land.


Year after year the Allen Band Booster Association and donors are able to help support the Allen Eagle Band and Colorguard program by providing the following with the monies raised through our Donation Drive.

  • Senior Scholarships
  • Music
  • Props for UIL Contest show
  • Equipment (speakers, drum major stands, etc)
  • Keep Band Fees Low
  • Recording Equipment
  • and so much more!!

First and foremost, we want the students to be prepared. As always be ready with your 20 contacts (emails/or phone numbers) This can include family, friends, neighbors, co-workers. The goal we ask of each student is $200 goal. The students will be broken up into 4 sections to fundraise

Allen Eagle Band -$65,000

Allen Eagle Colorguard - $10,000

Allen Eagle Jazz Band - $5,000

Allen Eagle Percussion - $10,000

Each group will have a goal to reach and hopefully exceed. (Who doesn't love some friendly competition). Yes, it is possible to exceed the Goals set. Remember that all monies raised go back into supporting the Allen Eagle Band and Colorguard.


We want all students to participate!! to highlight the talents of the Allen Eagle Band and Colorguard!!