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Student Forms

Let's face it, on any given day more than 1,000 people are involved in the Allen Band's performances. Forms help us keep everything in check, and make sure that your child has the best Band experience they can!

UIL Physical Form

This is a form Required by UIL. This forms needs to be signed off by a licensed physician before July 25 for a student to participate in band camp.
UIL Physical Form

Alternate Means of Travel Form

The Alternate Means of Travel form is required when a parent will take a student home rather than returning on the school bus.
  • DO NOT turn it in at rehearsal or at AHS - read below.
  • TWO copies of the Alternate Means of Travel form are needed.
    • One copy goes to your bus chaperone as you board bus at AHS. This is how the bus driver knows your student is not returning.
    • One copy goes to a band director at release point. This is how the Directors know your child is gone.
  • The band director WILL NOT RELEASE students until
    • He or she sees the student;
    • He or she sees the parent; and,
    • He or she receives the second copy of the Alternate Means of Travel Form.
  • Do not worry about the principal signature.

Alternate Means of Travel Form

Hawaii Contract Form

This form is required if your student intends to take the 2020 Hawaii trip. It needs to filled out and turned in with your deposit.
2020 Spring Trip Contract